Final Exam
CSC 111

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Multiple Choice

Answer the questions below by selecting the best answer.

  1. One thing you should never ever forget to include on every web page:

  2. When should you use the ALT attribute of the image tag?
    Never - you do not need to use ALT tags because you are using a HTML editor.
    Almost always - unless you have a very good reason not to.

  3. When linking to another website which is not on your server using Dreamweaver® which is correct?

  4. What is the proper way to open an email window from a browser using Dreamweaver®?

    hotspot question

  5. When making a "motion tween" in Flash®, first you need to turn your object into a:

  6. In Dreamweaver®, to create an image map you have three of three tools to create "hot spots" with.
    Which three drawing tools do you have a choice of using when making an image map in Dreamweaver®?

    Box, Ball, and Cone Hotspot Tools
    Rectangle, Oval, and Polygon Hotspot Tools
    Small, Medium, and Large Hotspot Tools

  7. The first thing that you always need to do when you create a new web site in Dreamweaver® is...
    define a site
    make an untitled window
    prepare your images

  8. If you want search engines (crawlers) to list your site, which tags should you include your description and keywords in the head of your html document?
    search engine

  9. Normally you should name your main page:

  10. When adding a behavior in Dreamweaver® to a link, you must use what symbol in the link box of the property manager

    hotspot question

  11. Lycos, Infoseek, Hotbot, and WebCrawler are names of
    (a) TV shows
    (b) search engines
    (c) directories

  12. Which of the following is not a "legal" file name:
    (a) index.html
    (b) my first * homepage.html
    (c) page1.htm

  13. Which of the following is not a reason why repetition and consistency of the navigation elements from page to page is important?
    (a) it adds a comfort level of familiarity and orientation
    (b) the visitor knows that he or she hasn't left the site
    (c) helps decrease download time since the browser doesn't have to
               download all new images every time the visitor enters a new page
    (d) hyperlinks can link to graphics, sound files or other multimedia through the m-bone

  14. Browsers
    (a) always display every web page exactly the same on every computer
               whether they are Netscape, Internet Explorer or another brand
    (b) may display the same web pages in different ways on different computers.
               Netscape and Internet Explorer sometime differ in the way they deal with html tags
    (c) always match the colors exactly on every monitor and the print outputs just
               like the computer monitor every time.

  15. The two most common image formats used on the web are
    (a) bmp and tif
    (b) gif and jpg
    (c) pic and zip

Short Answer

What is the most valuable thing that you have learned in this class?

Simple Exercise

Complete this project with Flash®, HTML and the Web.

Bouncing a ball -

  1. Create a blue bouncing ball with no border in Flash.
  2. Use Motion Tweening to animate your ball.
  3. Be sure to use easing to make it more realistic.
  4. Upload it and the supporting html page to the Internet.
  5. Title your page "Bouncing Ball."
  6. Check the URL to be sure it works on the Internet from the http: address before you submit it.

Type in the URL of your bouncing ball page in this box:

I'm Done...

When you have completed all the questions, filled in the text boxes, checked your work, and viewed your bouncing ball on the Internet, click on the submit button to turn in your exam. Good luck.

*This is an open book, notes, and site test, for help see or consult your support material.