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CSC 111 - Final Project

In this project you will:

Compose a professional web site with a minimum of four to five web pages using a Dreamweaver.

  • The first (home) page must include at least the two basic metatags: keywords and description. It should be named index.html unless you have real good reason to name it something else (for example: default.htm on Microsoft server).
  • The first page must contain a links to all pages and each of the pages should link back to the home page. Be sure to title each page.
  • You may use any content, theme, ideas you like and design the site however you wish. Use a consistent design throughout the web site if possible.
  • Be creative. Creativity will weigh heavily on your grade.
  • Add images, Image Maps, JavaScripts, Flash animations, sounds, text or other media to support your message.
  • Use a menu or navigation system of some type so the visitor can easily view the entire site with out using the back key or revisiting the home page unless it conflicts with your design. Make it easy for the visitor to find the information he or she needs.
  • Upload the web site and all supporting files (don't forget your graphics and any other media you might decide to use) to your file on the server.
  • Be sure to check it on the browser to make sure all links, graphics, etc. work and to be sure everything is loaded correctly on the server. Use spell check or double check you're spelling. I will check it on Netscape and Internet Explorer so be sure your site works correctly on both of these browsers.
  • Turn in a written description of your site, it's features and the reasons you did what you did. Be sure to include the URL where I can view it. If I cannot view your site on the web, you will not receive a grade. Again check and double check to make sure everything is right.