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CSC 111 - Flash Resources

Flash Resource Sites

Flash Projects - Parkland CSC Flash Lessons produced at Parkland College for CSC 111.

Actionscripts.org - www.actionscripts.org is a free community and resource site for Flash ActionScripters at all skill levels, with a wide range of tutorials, open source, forums and more!

Flash-Guru - www.flash-guru.com - The Future of Flash Training

DragSlideFade - www.dragslidefade.com - Brendan Dawes' support site for his book DragSildeFade.

Flash-Guru - www.flash-guru.com - The Future of Flash Training

FlashKit - www.flashkit.com - Great resource site run by great people.

Studio Whiz - www.studiowhiz.com - A new knowledgebase for the Flash community.

I want my Flash TV - www.iwantmyflashtv.com - A new showcase site for Flash film shorts and animation.

MotionCulture - www.motionculture.com - Enriching our community through a cooperative effort.

We're Here Forums! - www.were-here.com - Great all around Flash support site. Forums, Downloads and more.

DoReMedia Layers Tutorial! - www.doremedia.com/materials/layers_1.asp - Creating Dynamic Soundtracks using Layering and Flash.

Virtual-FX Flash Tutorials - www.virtual-fx.net/tutorials/index.php - 210 Flash Tutorials and open source FLAs.

Flash Books

Friends of Ed - www.friendsofed.com are the best flash instructional books on the market in my opinoin. I encourage you to read these books. Start with Foundation Flash.

Flash Extender Software

Electric Rain Swift 3D - www.swift3d.com is a 3D modeling program for use with Flash. New 2.0 version is pretty impressive.!

My Swift 3D Example

Swish - www.swishzone.com - Create Flash without Flash. Originally a program to quickly do impressive text animations to import into Flash. Version 2 allows you to creates SWF files without the learning curve.

My Swish Example
My Swish Example 2

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