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CSC 111 - Lessons & Examples

Here are some samples and lessons on important concepts about web design highlighting JavaScript and other basic concepts. Some of the examples are relatively simple and are better viewed and studied because they need little explanation.

Use the "View Source" on your browser or save them to your hard drive for future reference. Others have more explanation as may be necessary.

Each lesson provides at least one example designed to show a concept or idea. Don't miss the point because of its implicit simplicity. Others have complete explanations as well as examples.

I explained the concepts where important. Some of the more straight foreword concepts are more "cut and paste", others are more complete. You must lean at your own pace.

These lessons are in no particular order so you may work on each individually depending on your needs and your interest.

HTML Lessons

Growing Text - This is an example of dhtml that shows how it is possible to dramatically change the size of text through the use of JavaScript, CSS and an event handler.
Note: Works only in IE 4+ browsers.

Night and Day - Through JavaScript and the JavaScript date object we create a page that delivers different content depending whether it is "night or day."

Day and Night with Fireworks - Here is the same JavaScript programming as above except this time we added DHTML fireworks.

Emboss - Here we have an example of layering text using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Frames Lesson - Here we learn how to control frames with JavaScript

Arrays - This lesson teaches you about JavaScript arrays.

Functions, Arguments and Forms - This JavaScript lesson teaches you some fundamentals with examples and more.

Cool Stuff with Windows - Here, in this lesson, we learn about windows and how to control the through JavaScript

Transparent Backgrounds - This Photoshop lesson teaches you about transparent backgrounds for gif89a images for the web.

Photo Backgrounds - In this PhotoShop lesson we learn how to change backgrounds in images.

Background Example - Example of a tiled background created in PhotoShop.

Text Change - Example of how to dynamically change text on the page. Note: Netscape only.

Status - Example of how to create a status bar message when you use the mouseover event.

Dynamic Images - This lesson teaches you how to dynamically change images for such features as roll overs.

Fun Stuff - This is an example of dynamic push through the use of the meta refresh tag.

Table - This page shows you how to create irregular shaped boxes that you can size with the width of your page through the use of slice and dice graphics techniques and borderless tables.

Fading One and Fading Two are examples of dynamic text through cross-browser DHTML.

No Error - Although the only way you will see this script is to download it or view it in editor, it does get rid of those nasty little error messages.

Search Form - This is the example we made when we learned how to install a cgi search engine. The image was custom designed in class to have something better than the standard search box.

CSS Lesson 1 - This is an example of CSS in action.

Cut and paste Java - Here is an example of a java fireplace that we downloaded from codebrain.com

Table Example - This is an example of how to center a table both horizontally and vertically in a web page.

Wild Flowers - This is an example of how css can look differently form browser to browser. The lesson here is to check your pages on the widest variety of browsers possible.

Dynamination - Here is a quick example of dhtml behaviors created in MicroSoft FrontPage.

This is my Web Page - Simple example of MS FrontPage dynamination.

Bouncing a Ball - Simple example showing motion tweening in Flash. Bouncing a Blue Ball.

Cool DHTML Site - Here is a review of Jeff Rouyer's DHTML Guru Site and some examples from it.

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