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CSC 112 - Lesson 1 Exercises

For this class we will learn about managing a web site through a realistic exercise:


Company A (modemswitch.com) recently purchased Company B (faxswitch.com). ModemSwitch.com has hired you to reposition the existing content from the existing website at faxswitch.com and create an easily updatable and maintainable website using that repositioned content.

Since this is like real life, the company hasn't given you passwords or login information yet as they have not yet formally aquired faxswitch.com and have not recieved them. Because the investors want a quick turn around time, they want you to get started anyway.

  • Download all of the main pages from http://faxswitch.com that you will uses as your content for the new website. Look at the existing structure and see where improvements could be made.

  • Set up a site in Dreamweaver for this purpose and to use for the new site that you will soon upload to modemswitch.com

  • After you get the site set up be sure that all of your graphics are and all of the links are working. Feel free to reorganize the content by creating logical folders such as the "images" folder to help better organize your content.

  • Now it's time to think. You have to decide on the best possible navigation structure and most user friendly design for this new site. In order to better understand your goals. You need to to consider many things.

  • Review and think about the questions on lesson 1 of CSC 111 "Measure Twice, Cut Once" about planning.