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CSC 112 - Syllabus
Web Site Management
CSC 112 - 070 M 221 1PM - 2:50 PM F

Spring 2002                03/11/02 -05/06/02

Contact Information:
Instructor: Robert A. Higgins
Email: professor@modemswitch.com
Mail Box: CSC Office
Phone: (217) 337-0965

Course Information:
Web Site Management(1 credit hour)
Required Text - None
Suggested Text
Designing Web Usability, Jakob Nielsen, New Riders® Copyright © 2000, ISBN 1-56205-810-X

CSC 110 or Equivalent

Grading Policy
Two Exams
Three Quizzes
Three Case Studies
Class Precipitation
One Project

We will work on your project in every class. If you don't complete the exercises in class, you will be required to complete them before the next class.

Late work will ONLY be accepted with PRIOR arrangement. You may however work ahead.

If you are late for class two times it will count as an unexcused absence. For every two unexcused absences, one letter grade will be deducted from final grade.

Online Access
The UNIX lab is (theoretically) accessible by telnet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no one to restart the lab it something happens over the weekend, so plan accordingly. Make sure to have a backup of your work somewhere besides the Parkland system. Special licensing applies to some software including Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash used in this class, which means that this software is only available in M221. If you do not purchase copies of this software, you will need to use M221 to complete your assignments.

Grading Scale
As usual, above 90% one gets an A, above 80% a B, above 70% a C and above 60% a D. I reserve the right to lower this criterion, but will never raise them.

Classroom Etiquette
The department as a whole is concerned that numerous students are surfing the web when they should be paying attention to lectures. Students have complained that surfers disrupt the class. I ask that all web surfing done in class be related to the class. If someone else's surfing bothers you, let me know privately and I will remedy the situation. Please turn off the ringers on your cell phones and beepers. All material handed in with your name on it is to be your work. Cheating includes; turning in code found on the web as yours, giving your code to someone else, turning in code someone else wrote, and using a HTML editor on assignments required to be done on a text editor (Notepad). If you are deemed to be cheating, will get a zero for that assignment and your final grade will be lowered by a grade. If you cheat on more than one assignment you will fail the course and be faced with disciplinary action.

Academic Honesty
My grading policy takes into consideration that your schedules are tight and that there is a lot of work to be done. As a rule of thumb, when you are talking to or working with someone else, you are not cheating. When you are writing something for someone else, you are cheating. Example: You give a copy of your code to someone, that someone turns it in as his or her assignment. Both of people WILL fail the assignment!

ADA Statement:
If you have trouble hearing over the air conditioning, let me know. If you have trouble reading a particular color marker, let me know. If you have trouble reading my writing or understand my accent, let me know. If you have trouble reading the computer screen, let me know.

If you feel you have a disability for which you may need an academic accommodation (including special testing, auxiliary aids, non traditional instructional formats), please inform the instructor as soon as possible and/or one of the following for assistance:

Learning Disabilities - Evelyn Brown
Room X-148, Ext. 2587

Other Disabilities - Norm Lambert
Room A-250, Ext. 260