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CSC 112 - Lesson 7 Exercises

Search Engine Tools

This software can be used to secure good search engine rankings. The way the software assists you in doing so is simple. It compares a well ranking page to your page (the one you wish to obtain a good ranking for).


By matching your page (the parts which matter to search engines) to the well ranking page ('compare to' page) as closely as possible, search engines will assign your page a similar ranking. Note that this does not involve copying/stealing content from the 'compare to' page. All you are doing is giving search engines reasons to rank your page/site as well as the 'compare to' page.

To use the software to your advantage, follow the easy steps below.

1) Go to one of the supported search engines. Supported search engines are Alta Vista, Aol Search, Google, Hotbot, Lycos and MSN Search. Google also provides web page results for Yahoo.

2) Enter the keyword phrase you wish to rank well for and execute the search.

3) Look at the results and pick a well ranking page you wish to get near to or beat in ranking.

4) Download the above (well ranking) page to your computer. Give the page any name you want. This will be the 'compare to' page.

5) Upload the page to your hosting account (FTP, Control panel and so on).

6) Use the software :

- Enter your own page name in the "Location of your page" box
- Enter 'compare to' page name in the "Location of 'Compare To' page" box
- Enter the keyword phrase you used in the 'Keyword Phrase' box
- Select the search engine you picked/used from the 'Search Engine' drop-down
- Press the 'Analyze' button

The resulting page is a table with detailed results per page section for both 'your page', the 'compare to' page and top averages for the search engine selected.

To see what each table element or page section represents, click on the table element or page section link.

Your goal is to make values for 'your page' as close as possible to the values for the 'compare to' page. Again, this is not a matter of making the content the same, merely try to match the values.

Keep changing your page (add/remove text and keywords in various page sections) and repeat this step until you are satisfied the values for 'your page' are close to the values for the 'compare to' page.

7) Wait for the search engine to find/update your page and include it in the search engine. Note that patience is very important here, it can take weeks, even months for your (updated) page to be viewed and included by search engines.

8) If your (new) ranking is not quite as high as you wished, return to step 6.

There is no magic solution when it comes to search engine ranking, however this software will give search engines a reason to rank you page(s) well which is crucial while trying to obtain a good ranking.