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CSC 112 - Lesson 6 Exercises

The Template

Review your template and be sure that everything is right.

My original template still needed to have the search engine form hooked up, the code for some of the links changed.

I started with template3.html and then revised it to become template4.html. Even though they don't look any different, several changes were made to be sure I wouldn't have to go back and change out anything later.

Product Pages Template

Next I took my template and I added features (buttons) that I would need throughout the entire products section. I nested a table inside the right side of the page to hold the navigation. I tried to be sure all of the initial pages were the same.

I made a form template for the ordering. I also wrote some code inside of a link tag to call the program for the order button. For the next product, all I need do is change the name of the product.

Products Pages

Making the product pages was pretty simple at this point. I just pasted in content from the faxswitch.com site. I pasted in the pictures and used the edit function in Dreamweaver to quickly open Fireworks to make the changes and optimize the images.

For the project I made the following product pages:


Stick II

SR Series

Line Hunter

ACP Polnet

Since these are the only products that were listed on the former site that had online manuals, I chose them. I may add other products when the appropriate online manuals become available. Since I features a tech support page, I felt it necessary to have technical support online manuals for each of the featured products.

Other Pages

Home Page

Help Choosing

Tech Support

Contact Us


Notice that this is the same form that I called up in the database exercise in class only I put it into a link. Clever...don't you think.

Put your site together. Review my examples.

I've got some tweaking and final adjustments to make but I do have a working site:

Now we have a site we can manage.